Some of the Services we offer:


• 24/7hr Breakdown / Roadside & Towing / Recovery service;

  (This 24/7 service is just a call away and our dedicated personnel will be dispatched immediately to the site where assistance is required);

• Service and Repair Workshop;

• 24/5 (Mon - Fri) Service and Repair;

  (Our 24/5 service is offered to our clients so that they wont loose valuable time and money during daytime operations - Bookings are to be made before 10:00am);

• Gearbox and Engine removals / repairs; 

  (These type of repairs always have special tariffs/rates);  

• We specialize in Brake and Clutch repairs;

• Preventative maintenance and repairs on all vehicles

(Whilst attending your vehicle, it is inspected for additional faults (free of charge) and our clients informed thereof, they can decide on their own time if they want it repaired immediately and/or have it repaired at a later time);

• Repairs on Craines and Tilt/Hydraulic Systems;

•  Rebuild of Air and Brake Systems;

• Refurbish of Trailers;

  (We Sandblast and Spray any type of trailer - BIG or small);

• Electrical repairs, Air brakes, Radiators and SO MUCH MORE...


These are but a few of the services we offer.


We do repairs on ANY model and ANY type of vehicle: 

Trucks and Trailers, Busses, Taxi's, Cars, Bakkies, SUV's, GENERATOR's, Quads, Bikes, Forklifts, Cranes, Farming Equipment and anything else.... 

Contact Henco Oosthuizen at 0849581806 for more information and/or assistance!